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Totem Classic Thunderbirds of B.C. has been active since 1976. We started out as a small group of 12 enthusiasts, and have now grown to a club approaching 100 members. Our club meets once per month, on the third (3rd) Wednesday, except the months of January, August, and December. We meet at 7:30 PM – Edmonds Community Centre in Burnaby, BC, located at 7433 Edmonds Street. New members always welcome!

Totem Classic Thunderbird Club Activities at a Glance

Our Club – Strong Since ’76

It all began in January 1976 with an information ad in the ‘Buy and Sell’ for intended owners of 1955-1957 Thunderbirds. At this time a little bird in mint condition would cost about $3,500-$4,000. Of course they were all daily drivers. The only other club for post-war cars at this time was the 5-6-7 Chev club.

There were no events for cars built after 1940 or so and nobody was collecting them. It was really a lonely hobby because back then Ford owners didn’t speak to Chev owners and vice versa. Our only events were our own club events, or joining the Seattle club for an event.

History of the Thunderbird

Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States from 1955 through 2005, the Thunderbird included eleven model generations, and is renowned for creating its own automobile market niche, known as the personal luxury car.

Entering production in 1955 as a sporty two-seat convertible, Ford then added a second row of seats in 1958. Over the next few generations, the vehicle became larger until the line was downsized in 1977, again in 1980, and once again in 1983. By the end of 1997, the production of the T-Bird was ceased. However, in 2002 production of the Thunderbird started again, with a revived 2-seat model. But in 2005 Ford once again stopped production of the Thunderbird.

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